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  God Bless the U.S.A.

                             Jim & Wanda Wilks
We are a Home-Based business, located in the Heart of Missouri, just outside Sedalia, in the Ozark hills.
     Established in 1995 under the name of "The Branch", this business has been around for several years with its beginnings in Wichita, Ks.  Way back in 1988, we were operating under the auspices of a world wide motorcycle organization.  My wife and I were the Kansas State Directors and had taken on a fledgling operation that had been undermined by another organization.  Slowly, but surely, our state organization gained membership and in 1992, we were at the pinnacle of our state membership.
     While operating the Kansas side of this organization, we (my wife & I) began to gain knowledge concerning leadership, public relations, salesmanship, and many other things, to numerous to mention.  One of the many things we learned, was the dissemination of information.   Keeping our members informed was a top priority and soon was copied by other state organizations.  We held meetings, passed out all sorts of reports dealing with numerous issues of importance and maintained a monthly newsletter that was mailed to all members, all officers of the organization and several out of state members.  As our organization grew, each chapter of our organization began to print their own newsletters and mailed them to every member and officer.  So you see, every member and every officer was bombarded with information from every side.  The saying made famous in the movie "Cool Hand Luke" 'What we have here, is a failure to communicate.'" had no place in our organization.
     We soon began to maintain spreadsheets and databases (boy, did we learn alot) and our newsletter grew in size and took on a more professional look.  It wasn't long before we were doing newsletters for other states and organizations.
     Years later, here we are in the hills of Missouri, doing almost the same thing we were doing back then but now we're a little more high tech and a lot more involved.
     But, hey, We're doing what we love and loving what we're doing.
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